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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stand For the Right 2012 Week One

I've debated all week on how to reintroduce this song since we just learned it last year and it's really quite easy. I really wanted to emphasize that prophets are put her on earth to be watchmen on towers that guide us throw this life safely.  I want the kids to know what it means to "stand for the right" and "be true."  I want them to know what President Monson said about this (collection of quotes found here which I plan to use later this month).  And most importantly I want them to be able to realize that next month during conference they will be hearing those words from the apostles and prophet that will guide them safely through this life.  I found an amazing lesson plan in an old "Primary Partners" Follow the Prophet book.  I can't post the pictures because of copyright laws but here's the idea.

There's a huge tower with the prophet and his apostles on top of it.  On the tower is written "Prophets and apostles are watchmen on the tower."  Then there are several large conversation bubbles with different ways of following the prophet listed.  There's
  1. Repent
  2. Have Family Home Evening
  3. Keep the Commandments
  4. Study the Scriptures
  5. Share the Gospel
  6. Forgive One Another
  7. Keep the Word of Wisdom
  8. Attend Church Meetings
  9. Attend the Temple
  10. Pray Often
  11. Follow the Savior Jesus Christ
  12. Pay Tithing
  13. Love One Another
  14. Keep the Sabbath Day Holy
  15. Dress Modestly
  16. Be Honest
For each of these topics there is a corresponding quote from an apostle or prophet that emphasizes the importance of this.  After singing through the song I will just introduce and talk about each bubble in Junior Primary, I'll let the little ones help me hang them up by the prophet as we talk about them.  In Sr. Primary I'll hide the quote under their chair and then I'll have them read their quote and match it to the picture.  For each two quotes/pictures we'll sing Stand for The Right with great exuberance!

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  1. This idea was gold! I taped a picture of the prophet and apostles to a block along with a way to follow the prophet then read a quote and had the kids guess what it was about, when they got it right they could put a block on the tower. They loved it. I have used several of your ideas and they have all been great. Thanks again. Crystal