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Saturday, May 5, 2012

When I Am Baptized

Because this song has so many important doctrinal truths to teach and there is the beautiful metaphor between the clean earth and our clean lives after baptism and repentance I decided to do a less literal flip chart and more rebus style one.  I like occassionally using these kinds because it gives me an opportunity to really talk about the doctrine and the pictures are just reminders of the lyrics while we're learning.  It doesn't take a lot of outside preparation and really becomes an interactive teaching process while we learn the song.  I'm excited we get to learn this song since it's one of my favorite baptism songs.  Something I want to be careful and aware of is that there may be questions about those children who did not get baptized at age 8 for whatever reason and also questions that may arise about children who pass away before being able to be baptized since we have a few young children who have passed away in our ward.  I think it's going to be a fun Sunday, plus we get to finish getting ready for our Mother's Day Performance!

When I Am Baptized

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