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Saturday, June 30, 2012

4th of July Singing Time

There are some amazing ambitious ideas floating around the internet for 4th of July singing time and while I applaud those whose ambition is so exuberant I am a bit more laid back this year since I'm feeling huge, hot, and pregnant ha ha!  So here's my plan for Jr. and Sr. Primary this Sunday.

Jr. Primary
I'm going to talk to them a little bit about our flag and some of the etiquette involved in the flag such as how we stand whenever it passes us (like in parades, or in Boy Scout activities), how to properly put your hand over your heart so you proudly salute the flag, etc.  Then I have some flags I bought in the Target dollar bins that I'll hand out to 10-12 people at a time and have them line up and march back and forth while we sing My Flag, My Flag (flipchart here) and we'll practice standing and saluting as it passes each row.  Next we'll talk about the configuration of the flag and the importance of the 13 stripes, 50 stars, and the colors red (valour), white (purity) and blue (color of the chief).  We'll assemble a little flag I made (not to scale sadly) while we sing My Country Tis of Thee (flipchart here).  I'll let kids come up and lead the wiggle songs as needed with a flag perhaps.

Sr. Primary
I made a patriotic booklet of my own here and I intend to talk about all the same things as mentioned for the Jr. Primary only in a little more depth and after each little fact we'll sing one of the patriotic songs listed.  My Sr. Primary loves it when they get to sing the "big people songs" from the hymn book and they love it when I treat them like my "primary tabernacle choir"

Patriotic Booklet


  1. What's your opinion on using karaoke in hymnal or choral music? I got a small home system from SingToTheWorld karaoke for my kids and I've managed to find some suitable tracks but do you think it goes against the principle?

    1. Personally I would just double check with my primary presidency and/or Bishop as to what their official stance is first. Whenever ive had new ideas or used things somewhat unorthodox I tried to always make sure #1 I was sticking with keeping the balance between reverence and fun and #2 was it approved...I think using karaoke tracks could be really funa and all sorts of fun ideas come to mind...good luck.