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Friday, March 9, 2012

The 1st Presidency and the 12 Apostles Singing Time

This weeks sharing time theme is "The First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are prophets."  So I thought it would be fun to take a break from the norm of teaching songs and do something a little different.  I found this amazing apostle matching game here full of fun facts about each member of the 1st Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  I thought I'd focus on the interesting facts and hobbies part so I don't interfere with anything planned for sharing time.  I'm making it simple and not doing anything fancy.  I'll have all the pictures turned backwards on the board and I'll have a volunteer come and turn one over.  After letting them attempt to name the person, I'll tell the primary the apostle/prophet's name  and then the interesting facts.  These facts correlate with a primary song we'll then sing.  I'm listing tons of hobbies and songs but I'll choose just one for each.  There's tons of songs that could work so use what you're primary knows and loves.  I always let my volunteer help me lead the song and help with the actions if there are any as well. 
  1. Thomas S. Monson
    • hobbies are fishing (Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime) and raising pigeons (In the Leafy Treetops)
  2. Henry B. Eyring
    • hobbies are watercoloring (Our Primary Colors) and cooking (When We're Helping We're Happy)
  3. Dieter R. Uchtdorf
    • profession was an airline pilot and was awarded his wings as a US Jet Fighter Pilot (My Flag, My Flag or My Country Tis' of Thee or Do As I'm Doing -fly like and airplane)
  4. Boyd K. Packer
    • hobbies are woodcarving birds (In The Leafy Treetops, Birds in the Tree) and painting (Our Primary Colors, Little Purple Pansies, My Heavenly Father Loves Me)
  5. L. Tom Perry
    • hobbies are sports (Hinges, Head Shoulder Knees and Toes), Repairing Things (??? Atonement song maybe?) and Gardening (the Prophet Said to Plant a Garden, Little Purple Pansies, Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep, Popcorn Popping)
  6. Russell M. Nelson
    • hobbies are music (pick your favorite song, or use Sing a Song or Hum Your Favorite Hymn) and skiing (Once There Was a Snowman or Falling Snow)
  7. Dallin H. Oaks
    • hobbies are fishing (Give Said the Little Stream) and camping (I am Like a Star)
  8. M. Russell Ballard
    • hobbies are fixing things (maybe I Hope They Call Me On A Mission becuase you're "fixing lives), golf (Do As I'm Doing Golfer style)
  9. Richard G. Scott
    • hobbies are music (see above music ideas), painting (see above ideas), birding (see above ideas)
  10. Robert D. Hales
    • hobbies are baseball (see sports ideas above) and piano (maybe pick any song and sing it without the piano?  hmm)
  11. Jeffery R. Holland
    • hobbies are athletics(see above ideas), teaching (I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus, Come Follow Me, I Will Follow God's Plan) and Spending Time With Family (The Family, Love is Spoken Here)
  12. David A. Bednar
    • He was a teacher (see above ideas for teaching) and is an author (Book of Mormon Stories)
  13. Quentin L. Cook
    • He was an attorney (Quickly I'll Obey ha ha!), and captain of his high school football team (The Lord Gave Me a Temple)
  14. D. Todd Christofferson
    • He was a lawyer and an amazing scholar (Seek the Lord Early, 2nd Article of Faith)
  15. Neal L. Anderson
    • worked in healthcare (Kindness Begins With Me, The Lord Gave Me A Temple, Jesus Says Love Everyone), real estate (Sing Your Way Home) and speaks three languages French, Spanish and Portuguese(Children All Over the World, or Hello Song in different languages)
Good Luck I'd love to hear what you all are doing in your primaries this fun month!


  1. Thank You for the inspiration! I'm going to attach the pictures and fact cards to cans. I CAN follow the prophet! I also made a 'can' telephone to talk into. We can use the can phone to tell the fact or the hobby through. I'll have a child pick a can. They will use the can phone to tell another child a fact or a hobby. The song will be on the bottom of the can. Simple! Thanks!

  2. We're going to do something very similar to this with an integrated sharing time--should be really fun!