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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Learn the Prophets Before Conference

So we've really been focusing on learning the names and order of the 1st Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve in Sr Primary especially, and so this week we used a song!
I hung up a poster with all the pictures of the prophets I had used on the blocks last week and had them in order putting the 1st Presidency on top and the Quorum in order of seniority underneath. I wrote their last name on post it's and put them under each one. We started slowly using the Books of the Book of Mormon song and sang them. It fits perfect if you add "and" between Oaks and Ballard and you also have to say Christofferson kind of fast! They picked it up so fast. So we rolled a dice and took down the corresponding number of names until we could do it all by pictures alone. Then just to challenge them I wrote all 15 names on cards and passed them out and had them get themselves jn the correct order and then they each sang their name as it came up in the song. Then they switched with people who didn't get a worked amazingly! I'm so proud of them getting so prepared for conference time.

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