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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reviews and last minute ideas!

Sadly I've been a very lazy chorister for a couple of weeks and used lots of old standby ideas and review games. Surprisingly these have been some very rewarding and fun Sundays! Here's a few that have been easy and successful for both Senior and Junior Primary!

-Name that Tune!
Roll the dice and have the pianist play the number of notes rolled. When they guess the song then sing it! Junior primary was awesome at this! In Senior primary we split into two teams and made it a fun competition!

-What's Your Favorite Song?
Reward them for doing well on a review song by letting them sing their favorite songs after each review song!

-Hot and Cold!
Everyone's played this one so I'll spare you all the repeat of details!

-Row by Row
I use this a lot when teaching and reviewing...give each row a phrase and the corresponding flip chart picture. Give them one minute to really learn it with their teacher then sing it having each row stand up when it's their turn. At the end trade phrases and go again until everyone's had a chance to learn each phrase! Yeah teamwork!


  1. Thank you ! I needed a last minute idea for tomorrow. I'm going to play Name that Tune with a dice. I know they will love it.

  2. New to the primary music game. I'm sorry i'm dense but how do you play hot and cold?

    Thanks for your great ideas! You're a life saver!