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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Choose the Right Way . . .On Father's Day!

 My primary kids are singing in Sacrament and have done a fabulously cute job of singing Daddy's Homecoming and When Grandpa comes. . .they also will have a sharing time on fathers and classes on fathers so I'm kind of sparing them from a singing time all about father's too . . because . . .well I gotta teach June's song still!!

So I'm borrowing a fun idea from one of my kids' favorite CD's called "Scripture Scouts" for teaching this month's song. . .and yes I'm wayyyyy behind, I know it's the fourth Sunday and I'm barely introducing the song but somehow my life got in the way and I just got behind. . .oh well, better late than never right!

I will introduce the song by talking about great Father Lehi (see there's the Father stuff!) . . .and we'll talk about the story of the Liahona.  Then I will have a child come up and be the "arrow" and two other children come up, one will hold a bell to represent good choices and the other will hold this train whistle I have that is really goofy sounding to represent wrong choices.   Then I'll have the "arrow" child spin while I say the following little rhymes and have them point at whether it was a wrong choice of a right choice at the end. . .

  1. Look at my new paper plane for sailing through the air, Freddy doesn't have one so maybe I will share.
  2. Sally swung her doll around and gave my head a whack, I don't know if she meant it but I think I'll hit her back.
  3. The day after my birthday I ate leftover cake, when mom asked me to wash my play I said, "jump in the lake!"
  4. I thought of all the lovely thing to see and taste and touch, I knelt down and told my Heavenly Father, "thanks so much."
Then using a flipchart I got of sugardoodle I will teach the song line by line.

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