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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Choose The Right Way Verse 2

Since this is the last week of June and I really needed to at least introduce the 2nd verse of Choose the Right Way because that's where it talks about repentance and obedience and faith.  I am a total slacker this week so I did a little competition and peer mentoring theory to get them to learn it today. 

Jr. Primary
I put a phrase of the song with a picture on a piece of paper.  I had each row stand up and sing a phrase a couple times.  Make it a friendly competition to see which row will sing the loudest and loveliest without yelling.  It's amazing at how well the Sunbeams did, they learned their line amazing.  It gets extra fun when you start switching around the papers and seeing how well they listened to the other peoples lines.  I have them all do the chorus together.

Sr. Primary
I used the same theory that I used with Praise to the Man verse three because it worked so well.  Having them teach each other the songs works amazing with the older kids.  Here's the details of how to use this click here

Actions they developed to help teach this
  • Through (palms together pushing forwards as if through water and opening out with palms facing up)
  • the gospel (palms together open like a book)
  • I learn (hand cupped at ear as if listening)
  • to be prayerful (fold arms and bow head)
  • to (hold up 2 fingers)
  • have faith (hands up as if praising the Lord)
  • to repent (bow head and fold arms as if praying)
  • to obey (salute like "yes sir")
  • And I (point to eye)
  • Know (point to nose)
  • if I live (make sideways L with fingers on both hands with thumb point up and raise them from hip to shoulders)
  • by His teachings (mimic writing on the chalkboard)
  • I will truly (left fist on right elbow, right fist under chin- the thinking pose)
  • be happy (pointer fingers twisting at dimples while smiling)
  • each day (stretch as if waking up)
This went so smoothly, they learned it quick, they even left enough time for music share.  What a fun idea.

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