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Friday, January 21, 2011

4th Sunday Singing Review Game

I've had the hardest time this week coming up with what I wanted to do for Sunday. Here's what I'm thinking.  In Sr. Primary I will split them into two teams.  I know a lot of people don't like competition in Primary but I think healthy competition and fostering a spirit of teamwork and participation really is a great thing in my Primary.  I also love that I get to split up kids that usually sit by each other and make them branch out.  So the game will be played as such.
  1. I'll display the game board and split them into teams by just counting off by twos.  We know two verses so I have both verses displayed on the board.  The words that have sign language associated with them are worth two points because they can say the word and do the sign, they also can get just one point by doing either or.
  2. So I will call the first person up from team one and have them pick a pink post it from anywhere in the song.  We will then sing the song to that point and I'll dramatically cut them off before anyone accidently sings the word.  The player will then get to give an answer.  If he/she cannot answer it in a reasonable amount of time,  the first player on the other team is allowed to give an answer.  If neither knows it then neither gets points. etc. etc.
  3. Then I'll move on to team two and continue until the end of singing time. 
I love doing this and the singing bee because we sing the same song all hour and the kids hardly even notice they've sang the song like 10 times it's awesome and it really gets them to know it.

I think for Jr. Primary I will do a similar type thing but I will use the picture posters for verse one and just cover the pictures.  I will give them points for even telling me what the picture looks like.  I think since I have like a million sunbeams I may even pair up a sunbeam with someone from the oldest class.  If they get and answer right we'll do an activity minute like "stand up, shake your arms, shake your hips, turn around and sit down" just to keep them on task and out of wiggles.  We'll see how it goes. . .

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  1. Ohhh! Great idea! I'll definitely put this idea on my "to do" list. Sounds like a lot of fun!