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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Musical Measles

This popular idea I found on The Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister and was so fun in my Sr. Primary that they continually ask when I'm going to catch the measles again!  I stood up and had the stickers already on my face and I told them I had caught the musical measles this week and it was extremely contagious.  The catch was that only adults could catch it but the kids were the ones that spread it.  So I handed each teacher a page of circle stickers from the dollar store and told the kids that when they sang extra loud (but never louder than lovely) and extra clear they would be rewarded with a sticker.  At the end of each song I allowed ten seconds for the kids to adorn their teachers in their "measles."  It was hilarious watching the kids sing amazingly knowing they were going to get to put stickers on their teacher.  At the end of the singing review I had all the teachers come up front and told the kids that they had to sing our brand new song from the month and if they did it perfect the measles would start falling off and eventually the teachers would be cured.  The kids had so much fun and to date they haven't sang the songs as well as they did during all this.  I haven't tried this in Jr. Primary yet but I imagine it would work well there too!

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