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Friday, March 23, 2012

I Can Follow the Prophet Singing Time

So I'll admit my spinner is not my finest power point work but it will have to do for Sunday!  It's the final Sunday before Conference and the theme is about following the prophet so it's a great Sunday to sing our old favorite "Follow the Prophet!"

I'm adapting a little of this and that to make for a fun Sunday.  First we'll talk about the importance once again of listening to the words of prophets in the scriptures as well as prophets that will be speaking in General Conference.  Then we'll start by having a volunteer come and spin the spinner.  They'll get a chance to then answer a corresponding question about that prophet.  When they've answered a question we'll sing that verse while passing a small ball or balloon up and down the aisles.  Whoever the ball ends up with at chorus time will have to answer another question about that prophet.  If they get it right they get to choose to do disco actions for the chorus or asl actions or march in place (sometimes I let them stand up on their chairs and march)!! 

After singing the whole verse we'll start fresh with a new volunteer on the spinner and move on to another verse or continue that one.  It should be easy and fun and if it lands on a line I'll let them choose a favorite song or something, I'm just going to see how it goes and how the kids are.  You never know!  I'm a little excited for Conference because I get a whole week off to not think about planning a Singing Time. . .ha ha! Follow the Prophet Game

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