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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pictionary Review and 5th Sunday Fun!

So because we have a HUGE primary that's split into Jr. and Sr. I often have to plan separate activities that are age appropriate for each group.  This week is one of those weeks!

Jr. Primary - I want to review "As a Child of God" but I want to have some fun too so here's the plan.  I found this fun "straw blowin'" activity on sugardoodle and want to use it.  I'm going to put important words of the songs inside the straws (i.e. Earth, Power, Child of God, etc.). On the back of the word will be a direction like "sing on one foot" sing with eyes closed", etc.  Then  I'm going to put four tape lines on the floor.  If they reach the first they have to sing the 1st verse, the second is the 2nd verse, the third is the chorus, and the fourth is the WHOLE song.  Should be really fun!

Sr. Primary - I will do a similar activity in Sr. Primary only with a bit of a twist.  I'll split them into two teams, boys against girls or just count them off, it all just depends on how rowdy they are that day.  The rowdier they are the more apt I am to count them off by two's instead of boys vs. girls (sshh it's my little secret).  Next I'll have a basket the word strips included below in it. The first contestant will have one minute to Pictionary style try to draw the word for his team, if they guess it correctly they will have the opportunity to earn an additional point by also choosing one of my "sing it like" cards.  We'll sing the song alternating 1st verse and second verse.  Then go to the next contestant.  If they don't get the answer the other team will get a chance to guess but cannot earn extra points.  This is always a popular activity in my primary, they love it and it's a fun way to include the kids will difficulties like autism or other challenging issues because the drawing is a fun way for them to participate.

Child of God Review Strips

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