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Saturday, January 7, 2012

As A Child of God . . .

I'm in trouble this month because one, I was still on vacation on the first Sunday and two we have Stake Conference on the third Sunday so in reality I'm pretty sure we won't be learning as much of "As A Child of God" as I had hoped.  Thank goodness there are months where we'll be learning simple songs like "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" and a repeat from last year "Stand for the Right" or it would be hard to get this song learned.  I'm also in trouble this year because I have 17 sunbeams coming in. . .yes you heard that right SEVENTEEN!  Aaaah what to do with little wiggly crying three year olds?  I love them but that's going to be a challenge!

So for my first week of teaching this song I'm going to start by playing a little game we played last year about choices.  I want to emphasize that we all have been given the amazing power to choose (gift of agency) and I want to really emphasize that every choice has a consequence both good and bad depending on what we choose.  So I will tell a scenario and then ask the kids what they would choose and then we will talk about the consequence of that choice.  It's always important to let them know that if we do choose a wrong choice we have been blessed with the amazing gift of the atonement so we can repent and start fresh.  It's a fun opportunity to really get them thinking of consequences as good things too.  So it will go something like this.

Scenario:  My room is a total mess.  What should I do?
Possible Answers: Clean it up . . .Let it stay messy . . .pay my sister to clean it . . .hide it all under the bed
Consequences:  Clean it up (feeling happy for a job well done, mom and dad happy with me)
                         Let it stay messy (can't find my clothes for school, get in trouble for disobeying, lose privileges)
                         You get the idea

Then I'll introduce the first verse and chorus phrase by phrase using the flip chart pictures . . .as we learn it I will take down the pictures one or two at a time and see how they do.  I'm sure in Sr. Primary we'll be able to even start the sign language for the second verse.

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