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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

As A Child of God Week 2

Yes I'm only on week 2 of getting to teach this song and yet I'm feeling quite confident it will go great.  Here's the plan.

  • We're going to sing the first verse of the song two times to just review what we learned last time and refresh their little brains.  After we're done we'll have a quick review using this idea "Building a Child of God".  Once we've gone through each phrase competing girls vs. boys, I'll tell them that's it's time to start learning the second verse.
  • We are doing sign language for the second verse (I have sign language pictures on my flip chart and there are tons of resources out there on to show you like here)  So phrase by phrase I'll teach them the sign language and words and go through it twice then have the competition again to see.
  • I'll probably get some of the primary presidency members to be my panel of judges because it helps if I can be neutral when we're still so early in learning.
I found awesome free clipart to use for the boys and girls hangman bodies . . .check out this site   to print off a useable copy without the black border.

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