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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A New Year With New Ideas

So I've been pondering what to do new this year to spice things up and make sure I'm really incorporating the monthly themes in my singing times and here's some of my new goals.

  • Learn the Article of Faith songs - each month we'll sing an Article of Faith for our Opening/Reverent song and then review it once or twice at the beginning of singing time.
  • I saw this darling idea for birthdays . . .check out these cupcakes (Birthday Cupcakes) . . .it will be a nice change from our birthday hats/crowns and crazy glasses!
  • I found some new "sing it like" cards here   and laminated them to add to my huge stack of other fun ones that I found here
  • And I cleaned out my huge binder and started fresh for the year with just the flipchart for "As a Child of God!"
  • Oh and I finally got organized for my pianist and made a sheet I can fill out with the songs and page numbers so she won't have to get frustrated when I just decide to scrap the whole plan and have a "choose your favorite song" sunday!
What new things are you adding this year?

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  1. I did the Articles of Faith idea in our Primary. We had a really fun activity with it at the end of the year! You can see it on my blog.