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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Program Prep Time!

I kind of love this time of year because it's a time to really let the kids show what they've worked so hard on learning and incorporating into their personal testimonies!  For this year's programs we are having several special parts and even some instrumental help.  Here's what I'm working on making happen (fingers crossed!).
  • If I Listen With My Heart - Verse One, everyone together, verse two Sr. Primary with sign language, and verse 3 SOLO or Duo! (Instruments Added)
  • I Will Follow God's Plan - Everyone
  • Stand For the Right - Everyone (Instruments Added)
  • Praise To The Man - Verse 1 Everyone, Verse 2 Sr. Primary with actions everyone on second chorus
  • Choose the Right Way - Verse 1 Everyone, Verse 2 Sr. Primary
  • The Lord Gave Me a Temple - Verse 1 Everyone, Verse 2 small group
  • Scripture Power(the presidency asked me to switch out I Know He Lives and Teach this one instead!) - Verse one solo, verse two small group, everyone on choruses
  • I Love to See The Temple - Everyone (Instruments Added)
Also before sacrament meeting I have several kids that will alternate playing simplified versions of our program songs for prelude music.

Here's the links to the simplified piano music and also the instruments parts

Layton Music - Simplified
Smurthwaite Song - Simplified
Simplified Primary Music
Additional Instrument Parts for 2011 Primary songs

I'm just working on how to work in the instruments the kids play since we've got everything from piano to clarinet to trumpet (not allowed to use but super cool!)

Any ideas would be so helpful. . .what are you all doing.

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