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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Lord Gave Me a Temple verse 2

I plan on sharing the story of Daniel and the King I like to tell the stories in my best storytelling voice with a lot of modern flair and verbage. . .while still of course keeping the quiet dignity that invites the spirit.  The kids love when I bring the stories to life.  After telling it I will hang up a poster with the do's and don'ts of the Word of Wisdom (I printed off good and bad things from the Sugardoodle clipart list and then colored and cut them out). . .then . . .I

Love love love this idea I found on this Primary website click here . . .my plan is to incorporate word of wisdom pictures in the idea so while playing the pictionary-ish game I'll ask them to incorporate Word of Wisdom ideas, i.e.

"If I keep my body clean and pure and habit free" - Personal hygiene, no smoking sign

I kind of like this idea too click here maybe I'll use it next week

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