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Sunday, September 25, 2011

My latest embarrassing moment

I'd say this was my "most embarrassing Sunday" ever but I'd be lying since I have over the past couple of years had many embarrassing fiascos during Primary singing time. . .today was no exception, let me share.
I was asking the kids what words a particular song started with but instead of the word "started" I somehow said "farted"  Of course the presidency and many teaches gasped and stifled giggles and the kids. . .well you know how bathroom humor goes with kids. . .they love it and had a hard time settling down.
Following that little incident we were marching and doing our Praise to the Man actions and somehow in my exuberant high knee marching my heel got caught in my skirt hem and nearly yanked it all the way down. . .whew . . .took a good bit of humility and a little quick thinking to get back on track!  So despite these messes it was a great Sunday.
What's the most embarrassing moment you've had in this calling?


  1. Hahahahahahaha! THAT is hilarious! Luckily it happened in front of the kids & not a whole room full of adults. Kids are so willing to forgive & forget & enjoy the laugh for what it is. They don't take offense nearly as easily as adults do. I feel for you, though! I'll be thinking on an embarrassing experience I've had.......I'm sure they've happened, I just have a horrible memory:)

  2. LOL!!!!!! Oh I'm crying just about now. That's so funny! I needed that! The laugh that is.