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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dig in to Disgusting Soup Review!

I wasn't exactly sure how successful this silly idea would be . . .but let me just say it was lots of fun and both primaries really got into it.

I had a huge bag of split peas that apparantly i was going to use someday . . .when we were starving . . .anyway I put it to much better use than taking up space in my cupboard.  I poured them in a tall container, wrote down the program songs plus some other fun ones on strips of paper.  Then I put the strips of paper inside my daughter's "squinkie balls" and buried them in the split peas!

I brought out the container and played it up how I had made this disgusting soup full of dried boogers and whatever other disgusting things you can think of . . .but I also hid "power balls of songs" in it.  So we were gonna dig for the songs and try to add as many "germs" to the soup so it would be extra delicious to taste at the end. 

Though out the singing time just say little silly things like, "I better cough in it just to add some germs" or "did you find my retainer in there" or "I wonder if you'll locate my old smelly sock!"  They just laugh and giggle.  

We sang the songs in program perfection and used different methods to sing such as marching, loud/soft, hum/sing, and stacatto.   I always teach the sr. Primary how to lead the music too and get them to help.
So dish up some of your own disgusting soup and see how creative you can get . . .easy and fun!

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