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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Minute Scripture Power

My Primary Presidency asked if I could teach the kids Scripture Power even though it wasn't originally our plan to use this song!  I'm so excited because on the day of the program at the microphone some teachers are going to start singing the verse and then when it's time for the chorus all the kids will get up from their seats and start marching to the front singing the chorus while getting seated.  I have a small group that will sing the second verse so I'm so excited to see how this goes.  Luckily most of the kids already know the chorus of this song so I tried something new. 

I told the kids in Sr. Primary that I was looking for people to put in special groups and wanted to know if they'd help me sing the verses.  I put everyone into groups from 2-4 people, grouping them with their friends and primary classmates so they'd feel comfortable and then handed them the sheet music so they could see the words.  It was an amazing experience, those boys that *pretend* they don't like singing, and those shy little girls were like amazing! 

Of course we sang the chorus loud enough for the Bishop on the other end of the church to hear but never "louder than lovely!"

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