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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Lord Gave Me a Temple Week 2

Last week I used this plan to introduce "The Lord Gave Me a Temple" . . .the kids loved it!  This week the theme focuses on Modesty.  Here's my plan
After doing a wiggle song to get them settled we're going to review the 1st verse of "The Lord Gave Me a Temple."

Then under their chairs I have placed pictures from various popular clothing sites depicting modest and immodest apparal.  On the back of each picture there is a key phrase from the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet concerning modesty and the importance thereof.  In Junior Primary I will just review the pictures and talk about what's on the back and in Sr. Primary I'll have them read it and discuss it with them.  After each picture we will sing a phrase of the song.

The Lord Gave Me a Temple

To finish up I'll put up the reminders posters (the "DO NOT' sign and the "HEAD,SHOULDERS,KNEES, TOES"sign and  talk them through how to remember the rules of modesty while singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!!

Head (place your hands on your head) - does your shirt hike up?  Do your sleeves cover the area around your arms? Does your skirt/shorts hike up?

Shoulders (place your hands on your shoulders) - are your arms covered?  Does the shirt get too tight in the front or do buttons "pop open?"

Knees (place hands on knees and look 360) - does your shirt droop in the front, is your back or your underwear showing?

Toes (touch your toes or squat down and touch toes) - Are you showing your stomach or back or is your shirt drooping in front?  does your skirt/shorts hike up?

Good luck!

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