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Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Song "I Know He Lives!"

I'm excited to teach the song this month because I emphasize all the time how singing is one way to bear your testimony.  We talk a lot about how the words of the primary songs are teaching us principles that we have to gain a testimony of.  This month I picked Clive Romney's "I Know He Lives" and I'm really looking forward to hearing the kids learn it.
I will begin by talking about testimonies, what they are, what we include in them, why we bear them, etc.  Then we will talk about the words "I Know" vs "I Think" or "I Believe."  Finally I will introduce the song by first singing it for them while flipping through the flip chart and then asking them if they can remember anything I bore testimony of.  Next I will split them up by class and have each class take a phrase to "know."  We'll kind of play it by ear and see how it goes!  Should be fun.  I expect that as we get closer to the primary program I will have the song started by one child singing a phrase with a child being added each phrase through the first time then having the whole primary sing the song a second time full volume. . .should be really powerful!!  Here's a link to what I made for a flip chart, I got all the pictures from just Google image searches.

He Lives

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  1. This song is beautiful. Is it published by the church or has it been in the Friend magazine? I would love to use it but can't unless it's been published by the church.