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Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st Quarter Jeopardy Review!!

This week I'm doing a 1st Quarter Jeopardy Review!!  Here's my categories and questions. (I will post a picture of my finished Jeopardy board when it's done today!!)  You are welcome to download and change and use however to fit your own primary and the themes you have been emphasizing while teaching.  I want to really focus on the messages and gospel principles we have been learning while gaining testimonies through songs. 

I think that with each point value if the question is answered correctly we will sing the corresponding song in a fun way. I'll put little pictures to show the reward on the bottom of the jeopardy board.  Here's the link for the pictures I used and colored just from google image searches. You can find fun dice for these styles here.  Such as:
  • 100 points - Swimmer Style (plug you nose with one hand, swim with the other)
  • 200 points - Cowboy Style (western twang in your voice, start out with a yeehaw and  link your thumbs in you belt loops and kick up the dust with your heels)
  • 300 points - Opera Style (lots of vibrato and exaggeration and definitely loud but never louder than lovely!)
  • 400 points - Drill Sargeant (stand at attention, no moving arms or legs, definitely no giggling or smiling.  March back and forth looking for things out of place and start out with a "yes ma'm!")
  • 500 points - Granny Style (use your hand to wiggle your throat and make your voice shaky, bend over and hold your back like you can't walk upright!)
  • 600 points - Police Officer Style (use stop and go signs to direct the traffic)
  • 700 points - Song and style of your choice!!
Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

Song Jeopardy

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this idea! I pretended to be the "Crazy Chorister" and used some of your singing styles for our activity. Kids picked a prop out of my magic bag and we sang a song per the chosen prop style. The kids thought it was a hoot AND it helped them review the songs, though they sang them funny. Thanks again!