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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Props for Nursery That Work!

I have some new additions to my nursery repertoire that work awesome.  A sister in the Primary Presidency gave me some frog finger puppets like this and the kids absolutely love them.  They beg me to get out the frogs.  I bring them out and then have them have their frogs do various things like hop really high, take a little nap, spin in a circle, etc.  Then I've used them with various action songs like Do As I'm Doing, Give Said the Little Stream, and others.  Be creative they will love it.  I think you can get these from Oriental Trading for pretty cheap. . .worth a shot.
I also have discovered a little gem to use in nursery.  The song "Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep" and just go with the motions of the song.  it's amazing to see them lie on the floor pretending to be asleep until you say, "wake up wake up says the sun" and then grow tall.  It's darling to watch.

Last, if you haven't done Daddy's Homecoming in Nursery you should, and to make it extra cute put a big pause before "what" and have them raise their palms up in a question and say what really long and exaggerated.  It is so cute to see them.  Good luck and let me know what your new favorites in nursery are.

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