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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Will Follow God's Plan Pt. 2

It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do for teaching the chorus part of I Will Follow God's Plan but I think I've finally got it!
I took the phrases of the chorus and split and typed them out with cute heart font found here and then pasted them on giant card stock hearts.  I will use these to teach the words.  I then gathered the following items:
  • Long piece of string or yarn
  • Plan of Salvation Picture
  • Scriptures
  • Giant Heart
  • construction hat and small broom and dustpan
  • picture of child praying
  • A Pair of my husband's shoes
  • Globe
  • White Sheet and tie
I plan to introduce the chorus by first just singing it for them and letting them hear how it goes and what the words say.  Then I will use a volunteer to come up to the front where I will have three consecutively higher steps set up.  I used a step stool and the podium step and a chair.  Then we'll talk about how Heavenly Father has a plan for us to get back to heaven and how this plan is like a map that tells us exactly what will happen when we make good and bad choices.  I'll use just 2 or 3 minutes to let them tell me some good and bad choices we get to make (baptism, lying, reading the scriptures, cheating, etc.) for each one my volunteer will get to move up (towards Heaven) or down (farther away from the spirit).  This should help them get the idea that our choices really have impact.
I will get two people to come up and hold the string, one on each end and explain that this is our path or plan.  We'll sing each phrase and a helper will get to come up and hold onto the string with the item that corresponds.
  • I Will Follow God's Plan for Me (Plan of Salvation Picture)
  • Holding Fast to His word (scriptures)
  • and his love (giant heart)
  • I will work (construction hat, broom, dustpan)
  • I will pray (picture of child praying)
  • I will always walk in his way (shoes)
  • then I will be happy on earth (globe)
  • and in my home above (put on sheet and put tie around it like an angel in heaven)
After singing it once or twice I'll ask them what happens if we leaven out important steps of the plan.  And what we need to do to get back on the path when we've forgotten our way.

Hopefully this goes good and keeps their attention!!!  As always with the Jr. Primary I add in wiggle songs and movement every few minutes along with a few deep breaths just to get some of that energy focused.  Good Luck!


  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas. You have inspired me so much to bring music into our home more often. We love your ideas. You are AWESOME!