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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Will Follow God's Plan Review Game

Okay so we're down to our final February Sunday and one more chance to really focus and review I Will Follow God's Plan.  This week I plan to play a memory/matching game.  The basics are this.
  • Each card will contain a phrase like "My life is a" and there will be a corresponding card with a picture to represent the word missing so this one would be a picture of a "gift."
  • On the child's turn they will get to come up and turn over two cards to see if they can make a "match."  
  • If they make a match then we get to sing the song up to that point in whatever style I choose such as staccato, kids verse and teachers chorus, eyes closed, etc.  
  • If they don't make a match then they get to tell me one way they can follow Jesus or in Sr. Primary it might be great to have them tell you one way to get back to following God's Plan if they forget to follow it sometimes.  
  • Here's the cards I made, maybe I'll color them or maybe not since it's already Saturday early morning!!

Follow God's Plan Memory1

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  1. Thank you it's darling, my primary will love this.