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Monday, March 7, 2011

Stand For The Right Introduction!!

In preparation for this week I printed a flipchart for Stand For The Right from here  then I colored and jazzed them up and added some "bees" to the "Be True" pages. 
Next I borrowed these cute images from here and sized them down to finger puppet size.
So on Sunday I started with talking about Standing for the Right and what it really means.  I used idea #3 from here and tweaked it a little.  I had one person be the friend who was tempting you to make bad choices and then the other person was someone trying to stand for the right.  The I had the two kids link arms and I pretended to be the person trying to pull them away from good choices and we talked about how important good friends are. 
I introduced the song using this awewsome rhythm idea and just changing it up to fit our primary. 

In Jr. Primary we just used claps and then stood up at the end.  We sang it super stacatto to really emphasize the words and then we'd change it up and use stomps or leg taps.  We also did a bit of marching in place.  They really appreciated the movement and learned the song really well, even my sunbeams!!  I passed out the finger puppets and we sang the song a couple times and held up the correct sides for "BE TRUE" and "Stand for the Right!"  They loved the little finger puppets.

In Sr. Primary I split everyone into three groups and handed them a bit of the flipchart and assigned them a clap, stomp or snap.  After we went through it we would switch and see how well they listened to the other parts.  In the end they learned the song and its meaning amazingly well.  We finished with having three kids come up front and do all the clapping,stomping,snapping, and singing and we watched to see if they could do it perfect.  Then they invited a friend or someone they wanted to be their friend and they linked arms and did it using teamwork (ie clap your left hand with their right hand, etc.)  It was really fun.

Thanks everyone for all your ideas that inspired this weeks learning!

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  1. I'm truly flattered that you referred to my rhythm idea. We had a blast with it! I love your little finger puppets, bet the kids did, too.