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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Will Follow God's Plan - The First Half!!

Wow already a new month and a new song. . .aaaahhh, it seems like there's just never enough time!  So here's my plan for teaching the first half of this song.

After getting all their wiggles out I plan to introduce the song using a flipchart.  I don't use a lot of flipcharts but I found one I liked here so I'll be using it to just introduce the first half of the song line by line.  I want to make sure and point out the following points:
  • Life is a gift (Adam and Eve chose to leave the garden of Eden so that we could all come to Earth)
  • My Life has a Plan (the plan of salvation/happiness is our map)
  • Life has a purpose (using a target or goal I will emphasize that our lives have a purpose of getting a body, experiencing agency and returning to our Heavenly Father)
  • In Heav'n it began (I want to make sure they know that we lived before we were born on Earth)
  • Choice (we made a choice to come here)
  • God's Light directs us in all things.
After going through it line by line and talking about it, we'll sing it through once or twice.  Then comes the fun part!!!  I'm going to use the idea out of the February Friend and play the "What's Missing" game! I chose the following items for representation
  • Gift
  • Lego Building Instruction Book (Plan)
  • Target (Purpose)
  • Plan of Salvation Picture (Heavn it began)
  • CTR shield (choice)
  • Earth (globe or picture)
  • Binoculars or magnifying glass (seek)
  • Flashlight (Light)
  • Baby Doll (Birth)
I will pick a child to put on my awesome "blindfold glasses" and I'll remove one of the items from the table.  Then we'll let them remove the glasses and we'll start singing the song while they try to figure out what item we removed!  We'll get through the song tons of times and then we'll be ready for the chorus next week!!

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  1. Perfect!! I taught both Sr. & Jr. the entire song today. I thought I'd only get to finish the first half, but they did a great job & were able to do the whole song. I'll use your idea for next week's Singing Time. Thanks!