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Friday, February 4, 2011

Book of the Book of Mormon

Last Sunday I used the extra time after our music sharing time (which by the way went amazing, the spirit was so strong and the kids were amazing, I never imagined so much talents was sitting right in my own primary!!)

Anyway, I used the extra time to teach The Books of the Book of Mormon and it went surprisingly well.  Here's what I did.

Jr. Primary -
After talking about how reading the scriptures is our Primary theme/goal this year and how knowing which books were in each of the scripture books was really important I had the teachers and any kids with scriptures open to the table of contents page of their Book of Mormon.  I started with having a child come up and hold a paper with the "1st and 2nd Books of Nephi" on it.  We said the names and sung the tune and talked about some great things that prophet Nephi did (built a boat, got the brass plates from Laban, etc.) and then went to the next book but always singing the previous ones too.  After getting to "in the Book of Mormon" I had the kids up front take their paper and give it to someone else.  Then we sang the song and you had to hold your paper high on your book.   We had lots of fun but only really got through the first section in Jr. Primary

Sr. Primary
After introducing the theme/goal I had all the kids find the table of contents in the scriptures.  Then I handed out all the papers with the names of the books on them and had the kids organize themselves in the front of the Primary.  I always remind them that we are in Jesus' house and we need to be reverent and that if you can't be reverent you get tapped on the shoulder and have to sit down for that portion.  It usually works (smile)! After getting themselves organized I had the pianist play through the song slowly and sang it for them.  Then we tried it together.  After singing it through twice I started removing people from the lineup and had everyone put their scriptures away.  We sang it over and over until there was no one up front.  Then I handed out the papers one more time and they had to stand up when their book was sung, we did it kind of fast so they had to think quickly.  It went really well.  I think the kids enjoyed it and learned a lot too.

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