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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Year End Class Talent Show!

Okay so I'm furiously reaching to find an idea for tomorrow's final 2010 Singing Time and this great idea pops in my head!!  What if we had an impromptu year end class talent show!  Here's how it will work.  Each class/teacher will be handed an envelope and a bag of props or pictures.  Inside the envelope is a song and the requirements for the talent show performance.  In the bag are props or pictures that may be used.  I will give everyone about 5-7 minutes to converse and plan quietly and then we'll begin!  I will allow "golf clapping" at the end of each class.  Since this might now work smoothly with my GIANT Jr. Primary I will adapt the idea so that two people will come up and one will choose a song out of a bucket and one will roll the "how we sing it" dice to see how we will sing the song.  Simple easy and fun.  Here's the songs and props I plan to use.

  1. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam - required to use props and actions to emphasize the words of the song while singing loudly for all the hear!  (props include picture of Jesus, flashlight, and sunbeam on a stick!)
  2. I Hope They Call Me On A Mission - required to use props and/or actions to emphasize the words of the song. (props include missionary name tag, ruler, scriptures)
  3. The Holy Ghost - required to use props and actions to emphasize the words of the song (props will include several gospel art pictures I used to teach the song to the Jr. Primary this year.)
  4. Activity Song Intermission - Do As I'm Doing - required to sing it three times and cannot use marching, clapping or jumping.  A list of ideas will be included with things like "hand jive, chicken dance, military style, etc."
  5. Once Within A Lowly Stable - Required to pose a living nativity while singing.  (props include items for a living nativity, i.e., scarves, robes, baby Jesus, etc.)
 Here's my link for "how we sing it" dice that I will use for Jr. Primary.

Have Fun and Happy Holidays!

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  1. I LOVE this idea! It is definitely going on the plan for 2011 :o)