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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Unwrapping the True Meaning of Christmas

I just wanted to do something fun this week since we've sang all our songs for all the programs and it's almost Christmas and I just wanted to be a little laid back and silly while still retaining the true meaning of Christmas.  So here's the deal.  Explain that today we're going to play a little game to "unwrap' the true meaning of Christmas.
I drew some pictures of the different nativity characters (you could use actual nativity pieces if you wanted) and I wrapped the pictures of baby Jesus in the manger in the boxes.  One for Jr. Primary, and one for Sr. Primary.  I also got a big bag of peppermint discs (you could use any candy in a wrapper). 
The goal for singing time is this. . .choose a child or teacher to come up and while you are singing a Christmas song (their choice or yours) they have to put on the coat, the gloves, the scarf, and the hat (more or less items depending on Jr. or Sr. primary) and then open as many peppermint discs as they can.  If they collectively open 5 discs you add one of your characters to the nativity and you get one step closer to opening the big present and "unwrapping" the true meaning of Christmas!  Ha ha that is extremely cheesy but I think it's going to be fun, the trick will be to keep it reverent. . kind of!!

P.S. use just cloth gloves for junior primary or they'll never get them open. . !!!

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