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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Doing Laundry Review Idea

This is fun and easy review idea if you are in a hurry!  I just put the songs including some fun wiggle songs on the back of some clothing clipart I got off the web and then I put actions on the clothespins.  I included things like
  • Sing with your eyes clothes
  • Sing a capella or stacatto
  • Only Boys or Only Girls or Only Teachers
  • Everyone wearing white
  • Sing Like a Cowboy or Underwater Style
  • Use Fast and Slow Signs or Loud and Soft Signs
You can also make some of these cute blocks that I found at Jolly Jenn they are so cute and so much fun.

So I just played it up and wore my apron and told them that because of this or that I didn't get my laundry done and I needed some help!  This was so much fun for both Primary ages and so easy for me!!

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  1. the cube idea/link is from Jolly Jenn