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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Serving Scarecrow

Since Sunday's theme is about how serving your neighbors is serving God I thought I'd introduce serving scarecrow. . .I got the clip art for him from a friend who had one of those Primary Helper books.  So I thought after talking about how serving others is how we serve God I picked some service songs to put on the corn and birds and I'll just let kids decorate Mr. Service Scarecrow right up!!
  1. When We're Helping We're Happy
  2. Give Said the Little Stream (in Sr. Primary have them scoot one seat to the left/right each time they say "give"
  3. I Hope They Call Me On A Mission
  4. Our Primary Colors
  5. Fun To Do (pick service items to do)
  6. I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus
  7. Called To Serve(march in place)
  8. Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (to maintain reverence let them jump up like popcorn on the "beam" words but not actually sing them. . .works like a charm!)

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