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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Once Within A Lowly Stable

Our second song we are learning for our ward Christmas Program is "Once Within a Lowly Stable."  This is a particularly hard song because the wording is a little old fashioned and odd but it's a beautiful song.  I'll use the "add a line" style to teach this song.  I have one class sing a line or phrase after me and tell everyone else so listen carefully because they may have to sing it later. . .you can joke and say "don't you dare listen to what I'm teaching them because you wouldn't want to learn the whole song and impress me too much!"  Anyway. . .after having all the classes learn a line switch them around and sing it again.  Finally after one or two switcheroos sing the whole song together.

I also found an amazing addition to this song here that tells you how to add handbells to this song that sound really great.  I borrowed some from someone in the ward and am excited to introduce them next week when we know the song. I thought I would put all the kids names in a hat who want to play the handbell and then draw 3 names to make it fair.  Here's the gist of the handbells.

Play each of the following notes for 2 counts works like a charm!!  Good Luck!

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  1. I have always loved this song! Once again you are amazing! Now wonder your cuties sing so well and love music. I just linked your Singing in the Rain Blog to my new blog, I love spreading the word about your great blog!