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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Choose The Right Verse 2 Flipchart/Visuals

Well I have decided to brave my way into teaching the second verse for a number of reasons.  The kids have learned the 1st verse so well and they seem to really love this song.  Secondly, this song has the most amazing gospel truths to teach and share with the kids and third, if we learn this song in primary is completes one of the Faith in God requirements for the older boys and girls.  See details HERE for the girls and HERE for the boys!

I've decided to use some helps from the current Friend magazine to help discuss the topics in the second verse.  It's got some big words that have lots of meaning like "digression" and "inspiration".  I've tried to stick with pictures that convey the message well and hopefully not confuse the younger ones.  My plan is to use THIS memory match game from the friend.  I'm going to put the first match on a phrase of the flipchart.  So the picture of Nephi's broken bow will be on "CTR" (first page) and then when we talk about the choices Nephi had to make and how he went about choosing the right I'll have a volunteer search the room for the matching piece that shows Nephi with a new bow hunting.  When they find it we will attach it to the 2nd page of the flipchart "let no spirit of digression" and put them up on the chalkboard.  Once we have a complete phrase we will sing it through a couple times and talk about the hard words.  It may take the whole 20 minutes to get through the verse but I think it will be a good way to discuss how important listening to the Holy Ghost and not letting anything deter you from making the right choice.

Here's my flipchart/visuals for the second verse

CTR 2nd Verse

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