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Monday, December 5, 2011

Silent Night With Handbells

Thank you to anyone who scoured the internet and their files in search for an easy hand bell part . . .in the end  I buckled down and wrote a simple one any of  the kids could play along with for Silent Night!  Hand bells work amazing in Sr. Primary especially but the younger ones can do it with help from their teachers and older primary kids.  Make sure you teach them how to ring their bell with their wrist and then pull it close to their bodies to stop the sound.  It is an amazing activity that year after year has been a favorite among my primary kids!  Have fun with it!  I only had a simple 8 note handbell set so I color coded based on the bells color for the little kids.  The notes in parenthesis are what I call "advanced placement primary!) and can be played along with the main note for a wonderful full sound.  Good luck, I'd love to hear if anyone else is using instruments this season. Oh one more thing  the pink colored (C) are the highest C bell and the red colored ones are the lowest C bell. And last but not least if you want another primary song with a bell part check out my post from last year for the song "Once Within a Lowly Stable"
Silent Night Bells

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