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Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

So I just found out that our Primary gets to sing not one but two songs for the Ward Christmas Program in December . . .so besides celebrating our program being over and singing some songs of gratitude we are going to have to start singing some holiday songs.  This Sunday I plan to let them celebrate the end of their Christmas Program with some favorite song singing and then we're going to work on Christmas Bells are ringing.  Because of the time constraints I have asked a wonderful soprano in the ward to sing the descant and the primary will all just sing the simple verse.  Here's what we'll do.

 I put together a big poster with clipart for those visual learners . . .I usual talk/sing about the song one phrase at a time and hang up the posters as I do it.  Here's what I came up with using google and sugardoodle and such
Christmas Bells

Are Ringing

Hear What They

 I'll make a poster with a big Capital and lowercase letter "U' for "say to you"

Jesus is Born

In Bethlehem, In Bethlehem

 After teaching them the basic words and tune of the song and letting them sing it while ringing bells I found at the dollar store,  I will introduce the sign language . . .if you use this site you can look up the following words and they work amazing with this song for all those kids that love actions
  • Christmas (use Christmas-1 under Religious Signs)
  • Ring (I used another site to find "ring" as in ringing a bell) and to do this sign you droop your right hand at the wrist and smack it against your left palm like the thing inside a bell
  • Hear
  • Say
  • Jesus
  • Born
  • Bethlehem
Good Luck and pass along some ideas if you have some.

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  1. Love it, I am going to start teaching this to my girls. Thanks!