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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mr. Potato Head Review Idea

We're reviewing two songs for the Primary program this week and in Jr. Primary I'm using my daughter's Mr. Potato head as a prop.  Basically what I'll do is tape the following word strips to the various body parts. . .
Eyes=All Eyes on Me . . try not to blink while singing the verse.  Whichever class sings the best their teacher gets to wear the silly glasses for the next round.
Hat = No hats in the church building!  You get a freebie!
Feet = stand up and march to the beat in place while singing the chorus!
Arm#1 = Do the whataleeachee while singing the verse!
Arm#2 = Use a magic crayon to draw a square continually in the air while singing the chorus.
Ear#1 = Listen quietly. . when I point at you then you sing, when I point at me then I sing!  Sing the whole song.
Ear#2= can you hear the piano?  I can't . . .sing a capella the verse.
Bowtie= Oh my goodness this bowtie is choking me-sing the chorus in a whisper!
Mustache= mustaches are kind of silly!  Can you sing the whole song with a huge grin on your face!
Mouth= Mouths are for singing!  Follow the loud lion and the quiet mouse while singing the verse.
Glasses = My glasses are kind of blurry and you all look a little fuzzy!  Can you stand still as a statue while singing the whole song!  If you move I will tap you and you'll have to sit down. 
Nose = What is that smell?  Sing the verse stinky style (plug nose)

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