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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2nd Verse "If I Listen With My Heart"

I found last week that this is kind of a difficult song because of the melody jumping up and down so much and because there are a lot of words, so it went well but I can tell it's going to take a while to really solidify it.  I tried to do a lot of melody charting with my hands (up high for high notes down low for lower ones), and really emphasizing the key words and principles but it will take some work I can tell!  Anyway, this week we are going to be learning the next verse and since I want the kids to really learn the messages and principles in this song I'm going to switch it up and use some sign language on the second verse.  On the first verse we did sign language just on the chorus and we know a lot of major words already from previous songs so it should work well.  My plan is this.

First we will review last week's verse and message (what listen with our hearts mean?  and how we listen with our hearts).  Then I'm going to grab one class and bring them to the front and play the telephone game.  I want to use a reverent but silly phrase so it gets really mixed up by the end.  Then we'll talk about how if we're hearing but not really listening we can lose the meaning of the message being presented.  I'll talk about how our living prophet today speaks the exact words Christ would say were He here on earth.  etc. etc.

I will then post a poster with reminders from this verse . . .the pictures will represent the following words (hear, prophet, speak, Christ, say, here, earth, talk, today, prophet, teaches, live, righteousness, peace).  I will sing through the song one time alone just to let them hear the verse while doing the signs to those same words and then proceed to teach them the signs line by line.  If needed I like to mix it up in Jr. Primary with wiggle songs and in Sr. Primary with challenges like each row is assigned a line and they stand and sing it when it's their turn then we switch it up until everyone knows every line.

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  1. sounds like some great ideas. Do you really have a phone like that?