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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back To School Review

I of course borrowed this idea from someone else (Singing Testimonies) and just tweaked it to fit our primary . . .here's what we did and it was a fun successful day.   The best part of it was to really build it up to the kids, walk in with your backpack on and tell them it's back to school and then give them a pop quiz of the month's song you've been learning.  Then just remember to have lots of reverent fun!!  The dorkier the better!

  • Eraser - Follow The Prophet - Erase the words prophet or several words and then have the kids not sing those particular words
  • Ruler - I Know That My Savior Loves Me - Have a teacher or member of the presidency wear the silly super singer finder glasses and judge on a scale of 1-10 how well they sing the song
  • Scissors - I Belong To The Church of Jesus Christ - Sing it Stacatto
  • Sharpener - Come Follow Me - Use Loud and Soft Signs to emphasize how "sharp" they are
  • Highlighter - He Sent His Son - "Highlight" Boys vs. Girls, or Teachers vs. Kids, using the Question and Answer format of this song.
  • Crayons - Come Follow Me - Have someone pick out a few colors then use to have kids wearing those colors sing in groups
  • Paper - The Holy Ghost - Take Some of your paper clues off your cheat boards to see how well they know this song (it's our song of the month so we sang it a couple times)
  • Glue Stick - Missionary Medley - "glue" your arms and legs to your sides in practice for the primary program.

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